Winning in the digital economy

Advage Inc. is a strategic payment advisory firm, harnessing over 20 years of focused experience in the digital market. Our firm leverages the connections only expertise can provide to connect our clients to an insider experience. What does this mean for our clients and partners?

For Merchants

Let us introduce you to new and qualified acquiring partners and payment processing gateways. Our technological assets work for you, with advanced fraud protection tools, risk-management, and access to funds.

For Financial Institutions

Differentiate your market share and expand your portfolio. We introduce Financial Institutions and Investors to online payment processing, identifying new pockets of profitability and opportunities to expand their market share, leverage risk, and optimize portfolios.

Guided by Experience

Kroum Vassilev is an industry veteran and public speaker, widely called upon as an expert in the field of payment processing for e-commerce and web-based businesses. He brings over 20 years of experience in online payment processing, e-commerce acquiring services, advanced risk management, fraud protection, gateway development, big-data and advanced analytics to Advage.

Bring focus to your firm's online payments strategy

Evolving and adapting

The online payments landscape is constantly evolving with ever-changing regulations and guidelines, new technologies, and the rise of Crypto platforms. In todays financial landscape, businesses must rise to consumer expectations of where and how quickly they can send and receive payments.


Advage strategies are designed to position our clients in a state of readiness within this ever changing financial landscape. We help our partners seize opportunities to innovate, adopt incumbent technologies and create a seamless transactional experience.