Here is what some of our clients have said about AdvAge and the projects we have completed for them.

"...imressive style... excellent taste... professional vision and a lot of beauty.. this makes Internet a virtual pleasure!"
Best Links Column

"From all companies that I have been working with for eleven years in business now, AdvAge proved to be the best of all. Their vision, skillfulness and top problem-solving abilities leave no room for any hesitation they are the best I've seen so far. I'm proud to have software developed by them running my business smoothly and efficiently and monitoring it through the website they developed. Like the wheat is being sowed, harvested, then milled and baked so as to produce a loaf of bread, AdvAge turns your raw ideas into perfectly done products. I will not hesitate a second to recommend these guys to people who insist on job done well."
Yavor Mirchev
President, Yavor-M Commerce

"I have to congratulate AdvAge on their commitment and innovation. That's what I call professionalism when it comes to Internet solutions and design. These people have a true contemporary look on technology and do not hesitate to work hard. Well done and keep up with the good work!"
Latchezar Hristov
Manager, Custom Solutions