There is a story about the great voyager and seaman Columbus who was once asked why has he dedicated himself to discovering and sea and more particularly - why is he so keen on finding a new route to India. He then gave his companions an egg and asked them to make it stand vertically on a table without any additional supports. None of them succeeded no matter how hard did they try. After he was sure all his men were unable to accomplish the task, Columbus showed his perspective on the matter gently breaking the egg at its very bottom and putting it on the table - upright! His comrades then began mourning saying "everyone knows that" and "we could do this as well". But Columbus was not impressed as he answered their mumbles: "Then you should have done it first!". Thus the story ends.

Here at AdvAge we think the same way. We are convinced that practical and beautiful solutions are often simple and easy-looking; we know that it takes most to provide a simple answer to a problem as simple things are in most cases hardly thought of. And here comes the Columbus Egg - the solutions might be simple, it might even be something everyone knows, but again - "do it then!".

That's why we have made of the Columbus Egg our corporate philosophy.