The new Rotasar Hotels website is now online. The project delivered included website redesign, online reservation system and Internet marketing strategy as well as many features that will enable up-to-date information availability and a steady Internet presence for our client.

The ESD Bulgaria website, which AdvAge was commissioned to develop after a public tender, is now completed. One of the major players on the European market for sustainable energy solutions, ESD was very excited about its new corporate view on the Internet.

RotasaR Hotels cuts a deal with AdvAge for a complete redesign and enhancement of it's existing website.

ESD Bulgaria, a leader in the field of sustaibale energy development and a subsidiary of London-based ESD - Energy for Sustainable Development, announces AdvAge Solutions, Inc. is the winner of the tender for the development of ESD's new website.

AdvAge, teaming up with Custom Solutions Ltd. delivers the website that is enhancing the promotional campaign for a new project in the booming Bulgarian tourist industry - Bulgaria With Love.

AdvAge develops a website proposal for Canadian Technology.

The Big Ben President, Mrs. Donka Teneva, contacted AdvAge to let us know that after the college's new website went online, the institution has seen a tremendous increase in feedback and the registered students have doubled since. All new "recruits" have been made through the website developed by AdvAge.

Our website is now hosted in San Diego, California. Thus, after the deployment of our Client Ethernet Server, AdvAge is taking yet another step in improving the communication with our partners and clients over the world, particularly in North America.

The website AdvAge developed for Big Ben College is online.

Our new site is now online. It has many new features, including a password-protected area where our staff and management will meet with clients to chat and discuss current projects. Equiped with an SQL database it will enhance our time-management and will allow us to complete projects before deadlines.

AdvAge is choosen to develop a website for BigBen Language and Management School in Sofia, Bulgaria.

New software package is installed at the Yavor-M Commerce factory in Sofia. The product, developed by AdvAge's software department will allow for real-time supervision of the production process and strict control over the quantities of materials used and will account precisely for the stock available and sold as well as the number of goods produced on daily, weekly or monthly basis.