Here we showcast some of our most recent works completed or projects soon to be finished off.

Rotasar Hotels
The client required an elegant and highly comprehensible web-site with user-friendly navigation and a look typical of the Rotasar style. It has to be easy to maintain and update as daily changes of the content are planned for. In addition, advanced features are to be included on the server, such as an online booking system, a room-availability application and a password-restricted area. The site is due at the end of the year.

Big Ben College
Our client, the Big Ben Language and Management School in Sofia, choose AdvAge to develop its site which main purpose will be "noticable presence" on the www. The key words on that case were "simple", "flexible" and "interactive" bilingual website. Project completion expected before the end of the current month.

Custom Solutions
The client, a respectable software development company, choose AdvAge to develop a complete strategy for her precence on the Internet driven by the innovative and professional skills of our team. The project consists of delivering a complete netstrategy to catch on the company's image, developing an "easy" website separated into several chief seactions and a download area and enhanced with a password-protected zone with a B2C and B2B meeting place. In addition, AdvAge was entrusted with the task to refurbish the company's general image through creating a new logo and look for the enterprise. Final completion of the project expected by the end of the year.

Yavor-M Commerce
One of the clients that has entrusted AdvAge most, Yavor-M has over the time assigned us with different projects - ranging from the development of accounting software and industrial quality control systems to the creation of a corporate website, the completion of a stock control applications and general software and technology advisory. Besides the work done by our software department over the last few years, AdvAge recently developed a corporate website which in the near future will become the heart of the Yavor-M's distributional network enhanced with a B2B meeting point and a monitoring system. Currently, our team of programmers works on a project which will allow the company's managerial body to monitor delivery orders, stock availability and payments in real-time, from any part of the world using the latest web-based technologies. And in addition stock ordering over the web-site will be possible soon, thanks to the passing of the Electronic Signature Law and the growth of e-payments in South-East Europe.

Belle Domain
Our webdesign team developed an elegant and highly appealing site aimed at showcasting women's beauty without stressing on nakedness but rather on beauty itself. This website was widely acclaimed for... it's beauty and over the time attarcted regular visitors from all over the world - people with one thing in common - the appreciation of natural beauty and touching design. Here's what the influential and popular e-zine wrote for Belle Domain in their Best Links column: "A site with an imressive style and excellent taste, done with a very professional vision and a lot of beauty. Such sites make Internet a virtual pleasure.".

AdvAge was originally choosen to create a new logo and image for Svenika, an import-export oriented enterprise based in Berlin, Germany. Happy with the work done by our design department in the preparation of the logo and different advertising materials, as well as the general strategy consulting, Svenika asked us to prepare their website which will be aiming at showcasting the company's products and services.

Jankov Trade
Very similair to the Svenika case, AdvAge's design department initially developed some advertising materials and a new corporate logo for Jankov Trade. Then, pleased with our work, the company, which specializes in the export of Bulgarian agricultural products assined us with the development of their corporate website aiming at popularizing the company's products abroad, establishing new business relations and bettering and strenghtening Javkov Trade's position and image with traditional partners in Bulgaria and abroad.